Why I Enjoy Project Deployment Weekends

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Published: 03rd May 2013
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If youíve worked in IT for some time, you have presumably been involved in some project work. Whether itís a software deployment or possibly a hardware upgrade, there comes a moment in a project where after all the planning the solution is deployed to the company for mainstream use. I genuinely enjoy working on these deployments!

The one thing these kind of projects have in common would be that the deployment and implementation of these are usually done outside of business hours. This happens so it has minimal affect the users.

Iíve been involved with several project deployments in the last few years, and Iíve come to realize that I actually enjoy them. Yes, itís true, I personally enjoy coming in to work on the end of the week to release something to a company. No, Iím not crazy - hereís why!

Months Of Planning And Hard Work Finally Pays Off

The deployment of a software or infrastructure project is usually the last stage of the entire project. An idea was made, months or years in the past, from a business need, an issue with the way the company does something, or an upgrade that was needed. A lot of planning has gone on to get various teams and people involved with the project, to find the budget for the project planned and approved, and to organise the steps needed to get from one point to another.

Leading up to the deployment weekend (maybe it's a single night, but the concepts are the same) there's a lot of planning that occurs. The required people are contacted, the individual steps and times are organised and decision points are created.

Following many months of planning, the project team comes together and deploys the solution. Working in this environment during this period actually makes you recognise that all those months of planning and work are eventually paying off. The business will ultimately make the most of the implementation. This could be installing some new routers in the network system, a deployment of a new operating system to a company, or the upgrade of a custom software system.

Thatís one good reason I enjoy software deployment weekends.

There Is A Good Feeling Of Teamwork

Once the project team all comes together to focus on the weekend, or in the deployment window, everybody has agreed to achieve a good outcome. They have all been involved in the project at some phase or another. Dependant upon the company and the type of project, some people might be working remotely, or you may all be located in the one office.

Sure, there are lots of other activities that you desire to be doing at night time or on a weekend - seeing friends or family, for instance. Having said that, everyone commits to the project and helps make the effort to come into work and do their part for the system.

As there is a limited time to get the work done, there exists a feeling of determination and teamwork that is evident throughout these deployments. Itís something I enjoy and I like getting work done in these environments. Thereís no gossip or timewasting - everybody is there to get a job done and done well.

Delivering Great Benefits To The Company

One other reason I enjoy working on project deployment weekends is recognising the benefits that Iím providing to the company by doing this work. As I mentioned above, it doesnít matter what kind of implementation youíre doing for an organization, the users will find the rewards of it in one way or another.

Many deployments Iíve been involved with are software project deployments. A system is switched off over the weekend, upgrades are made, servers are configured, tests are run and the deployment is concluded. At the conclusion of this process, the users of the system are available to use the newly installed software - something that should deliver great benefits to them and the company. The feeling of providing value and supplying this benefit to the corporation is a big motivator for me, not simply with the project deployment weekends, but working in the IT industry on the whole.

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